Mr. Kristofer And Jordan Foster

Running time : 14:54 min

Updated on : 2015-02-13


Bound jock Jordan Foster is tied down to the metal table in a yellow jock strap. Mr. Kristofer hovers over his bound body and quickly discovers this eager jock is extremely ticklish! Mr. Kristofer lightly touches Jordan's pits causing the boy to desperately try to squirm away, but he cannot. The jock is now raging hard and Mr. Kristofer ties a 10 pound weight to Jordan's balls and lets it hang over the edge of the table. This forces the helpless boy's hard dick straight into the air. Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes the jock's dick until he is just about ready to blow and then stops right on the edge of climax. Mr. Kristofer repeats this process 5 or 6 times until Jordan is begging him through his gag to cum!

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