Dolan Wolf & Bryan Cole

Photo of Dolan Wolf & Bryan Cole
Photo of Dolan Wolf & Bryan Cole

Bound jock Bryan Cole comes back for his second tryout at our booth at IML in Chicago this year. This time around he is put through his paces by coach Dolan Wolf. Bryan's arms are bound behind him and secured to the ceiling in front of the eager crowd. Dolan Wolf then takes a dirty jockstrap and places it over the Bryan's head. Dolan strokes the jock until he is nice and hard and then blows his whistle to make Bryan jog in place for the pleasure of the crowd. Bryan's boner bounces up and down as he runs till the whistle blows again and he's allowed to stop for more stroking. They repeat this training over and over until Bryan's chest is heaving in and out and he is sweating like a pig.

Categories: Ass Play, Big Dick, Coach, Gags, Jockstraps
Details: Dec 1, 2014 18 min
Photo of Bryan Cole
Bryan Cole
Photo of Dolan Wolf
Dolan Wolf

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