Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf

Photo of Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf
Photo of Dirk Caber & Dolan Wolf

We finally turn the tables on Coach Dirk Caber at IML! Not knowing who the top is going to be, Dirk is blindfolded and strung up in our BoundJocks' booth while everyone is watching. Hunky Dolan Wolf sneaks in behind him and starts to play with the bound coach. With one leg lashed to his thigh, Dirk struggles to maintain his balance as Dolan milks his captive's throbbing, hard cock for the crowd to see. Not able to control himself any longer, Dirk blows a massive load for the crowd of eager and horny eyes!

Categories: Big Dick, Coach, Electricity, Muscle, Oral, Tit Torture
Details: Dec 1, 2014 8 min
Photo of Dirk Caber
Dirk Caber
Photo of Dolan Wolf
Dolan Wolf

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