Leo Forte & Dakota Wolfe

Photo of Leo Forte & Dakota Wolfe
Photo of Leo Forte & Dakota Wolfe

Bound jock Dakota Wolfe requested a 'real flogging scene' from us at the IML booth this year and coach Leo Forte was more than happy to deliver. Leo securely lashes Dakota's arms to the rig opening up his bare back to the crowd. Leo starts softly, but quickly builds to harder and harder whacks. The boy's back starts turning red and he starts yelping louder and breathing heavier. Soon Leo is swinging the flogger down HARD with all his might and the rig almost topples as Dakota tries to arch his back further and further away from the heavy blows. Leo takes a few small breaks to check in with the boy occasionally, but Dakota keeps wanting more. By the end these two are flying high on the very connected and spiritual journey they both completely enjoyed together!

Categories: Flogging, Jockstraps, Spanking
Details: Dec 1, 2014 16 min
Photo of Dakota Wolfe
Dakota Wolfe
Photo of Leo Forte
Leo Forte

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