Jessie Colter Edged

Photo of Jessie Colter Edged
Photo of Jessie Colter Edged

BJ-0140 Jessie Colter Edged

Bound jock Jessie Colter is already tied up to the rig in just a jockstrap when Mr. Kristofer enters the room. Mr. Kristofer promptly gags the squirming jock and proceeds to shove a cold electric butt plug up the bound jock’s exposed ass. Jessie is rock hard as Mr. Kristofer turns up the juice on the power box. As the electric current gets higher and higher, Jessie gets louder and louder. Mr. Kristofer slowly strokes the boy’s giant cock until he can’t hold it back any longer and shoots an explosive load!

Categories: Ass Play, Big Dick, CBT, Electricity, Gags, Solo, Toys
Details: Jul 9, 2015 15 min
Photo of Jessie Colter
Jessie Colter

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